Beach, wrenched knee, fever etc…

Yay, my actual first post!

So I went to Playa El Espino yesterday with my friends. This is the second time I went to beach in El Salvador (first time being Playa El Tunco).

On our way to beach, we took a bus and when I got off, I wrenched my right knee. It’s my bad knee. I first sprained it when I was senior in college, playing basketball for intramural tournament. I did it for the second time after I got here when I was playing frisbee with kids in my training community. This time was not too bad as I was at least able to walk back home. Then, the third time was when I tried to get off the bus while bus was still moving. That was a stupid idea. Yes I admit. Then, next one is when I was playing soccer with kids in my community. But they play soccer on ground made of concrete. I knew I shouldn’t have played but I could not refuse to play because it was such a good way to get to know people in my community. Then this is what? fifth time? Damn, now I’m worried that it would never get better.

Anyways, the beach was really nice and tranquira. It’s less developed than Playa El Tunco and therefore it’s less crowded. Most people I saw yesterday were local. I would go this beach every weekend only if the access is a little better. There is not much bus going to the beach. And the last bus for Usulutan leaves around 4pm, meaning that if I take this bus, I would miss the last bus for my site from Usulutan. So it’s best if I stay there for a night and come back next morning.

After I got home last night, I felt really sick and I checked my temperature. It was 37.6℃ (sorry I grew up in Japan so I’m not familiar with °F but it’s like almost 100°F). Then, I realized a rather weird correlation between my bad knee and my temperature. As I thought about it, whenever I wrenched my right knee, I got sick afterward. And sometimes it’s not just fever but comes with stomachache and vomiting and all sorts of ugly symptoms. Fortunately, this time was just a fever. I took a medicine and took a good sleep and I already felt better this morning.

But now I should be really careful not to wrench my right knee because it would come with other sickness. I’ve been here in El Salvador for almost 4 months and I already got sick 3 times (or 4 times if this fever last night counts). I hope I won’t get sick anymore. I’m sick of being sick!


Playa El Espino in Usulutan