What is the mass of the atmosphere?

That’s what I’m learning this semester.

Another problem: Make a reasonable estimate of the mass of milk (cow, goat, llama etc) consumed by people throughout the world each year, including mild products such as cheese and yogurt.

This class is tough…

Today wasn’t the greatest day. First of all, I have a packed schedule on Wednesday from 8 in the morning until 10pm. On top of that, since my car had some problems and I left it with a mechanic, I had to walk to school which took me 30 minutes. To make things even worse, the mechanic wasn’t able to fix one of the major problems. And he still charged me ridiculous amount. Moreover, I was running late for work (at restaurant) so guess what I got: a speeding ticket! Oh man, it was a horrible day…

But I decided I won’t get discouraged by this because it’s a waste of time. I have no time to dwell on the things that have already happened and that I cannot change. A ticket is a ticket. I cannot return it. My only hope is that they will let me do traffic school though…

I had something else in my mind that I wanted to write about…but I guess I’m too tired to even remember it so I’m off to sleep.

Good night everyone!


4 responses to “What is the mass of the atmosphere?

  1. it looks like they thought your first name was Fumi, middle name I (or J?), and last name Hiko.
    Anywho, no worries. I’ve had worse things happen to me.

    Also, if you read the back of the “notice to appear,” you have two options. You can just admit to the speeding and pay the fine. Your insurance co. may give you some points, which means that your premium may incrase based on the insurance company policy.

    The alternative is to actually appear in front of the court. However, if both you and the cop that gives you the ticket shows up, the judge will almost always rule in favor of the cop. The hearing will literally ask 10 seconds. He asks cop what happened and asks you to respond.

    However, if you appear and he doesn’t, you automatically “win,” and there is no fee against you. It’s like the ticket never happened. That happened to me once 🙂

  2. >Erimoto

    Thanks for your insight!

    Yeah I heard we can appear in court and even if I lose, I can still do traffic school and stuff (if that’s applicable).

    Does the cop usually show up? Appearing in court to me sounds pretty intimidating…

    • “Erimoto” has somehow become the standard…

      I’m not sure of the frequency at which officers actually show up, though that would be an interesting study lol

      It really depends on the cop him/herself. From what I’ve heard, cops sometimes have to meet quotas for citations per month, and if they have already met that number, they may have less of an incentive to go to court.

      If the cop shows up and you are asked to speak to the judge, just explain the circumstances. If this is your first speeding ticket, make sure to say that.

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