It’s been a while…

Inspired by my good friends who started (or they too may have REstarted) blogging, I ‘d like to update my blog too.

I’ve been feeling that I needed to continue my “Update” series and that has prevented me from updating my blog. But it’s been already what? like more than 3 months since my last entry so who cares about my updates now? That’s why I decided to write whatever I feel like.

Classes have started and this is just the second week of a long semester. I’ve been away from this academic environment for a year so it’s hard to readjust to it. Plus, I was working the whole summer and even though it was just a part-time job, I don’t feel like I’m a student anymore. It’s hard to study after I get home. All I want to do after a long day with a packed schedule is to relax. But 16-unite semester doesn’t allow me to do so. Maybe I should drop one of the classes.

If I start complaining, my list of complaints can continue forever so I stop here.

I wrote this blog entry today as a part of my job.

I also update this blog regularly.

If you have time, please take a look at them!


By the way, happy birthday to Cookie!


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