Update – 近況 (3)

This is the continuation of my previous post – Update (2).

I was again confined in San Salvador until further notice. At that point, my knee was actually doing fine. I didn’t have any problem walking around thought it hurt when I took stairs up and down. So I was somewhat doubtful about the seriousness of my knee injury. Because I was planning to take a vacation and go back to Japan in 3 weeks, I thought of postponing my surgery to later, maybe after my vacation. This idea, of course, was denied by my PCMO. I was strongly discouraged to postpone my surgery.

I was really bored, confused and lost. I questioned myself, “what the hell am I doing here” countless times. I would say it was the most difficult time since I came to El Salvador. It seems as thought it’s nice to have a month of vacation in the capital but it was not fun at all.

To my surprise, the Peace Corps headquarter in Washington DC was quick in responding. I was told that I was going to leave El Salvador on April 19th, Monday. And they decided to have my surgery in Washington DC not in Panama.

Of course, things didn’t go that smooth with the Peace Corps. I waited almost 7 months to be invited and assigned. Same thing. On the morning of April 19th, I was all packed and ready to leave. I went to the office to pick my medical record up. Then, I was told to wait for a minute. 30 minutes later, I was told that there was no space in a hotel that the Peace Corps used in DC and on top of that, the surgeon was out of office. Therefore, they postponed my trip and made me stay in San Salvador for another 3 days. I was really tired of waiting and doing nothing in San Salvador.

To be continued….









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