A street dog and rabies

I was walking my neighborhood on last Sunday, looking for tarjetas de saldo (telephone cards) for my prepaid cell phone.

A street dog came up to me (or more like started following me) barking at me so hard. I ignored and kept walking. It happened before too and I didn’t take it seriously. I mean, who can imagine getting bit by a street dog when you have done absolutely nothing wrong (I was just walking). But it did happen to me. The dog decided to attack me and bit my left leg!! I was surprised and couldn’t understand what just happened. Then, I got upset because this dog potentially had rabies.

I went back home and washed out my wound to remove saliva of the dog. Then, I started reading a Peace Corps medical handbook and apparently, rabies is almost invariably fatal if post-exposure prophylexis is not provided. Being even more upset after reading this, I called a medical officer. She told me to come to the office the next morning so I went and got an injection of vaccine. I should be fine now but it was a scary experience. This was the first time that I got bitten by a dog too! Now I’m little scared of street dogs although I really want to have a puppy as my pet…

Peace Corps is full of new experiences and this is just one of them…


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