A box of love from home

I’ve been working with the school director to make some necessary documents for the school lately, and surprisingly I’ve been pretty busy! I didn’t know I can be busy here in El Salvador because it seems like everything is slow here. Especially coming from busy Tokyo and busy life as a grad student, I felt I was doing nothing here in the past two months. I still feel like I’m not doing much though I will get busy soon!

I actually have a second round of training from next week. In El Salvador, the Peace Corps decided to divide our training into two phases: PST1 in which we basically study Spanish and cultural stuff and PST2 where we actually get technical training. Starting from next week is PST2. I got some requests from someone from the mayor’s office that he wanted to learn how to make a tree nursery. Since this town is incredibly hot, we are hoping to plant a lot of trees to make more shades on streets. In doing so, a tree nursery would be a great resource to have. Vamos a ver (We will see ) what I can do.

So after working with the school director, I finally got to go to the center of Usulutan. I usually go there twice a week to check my mail box and do some grocery shopping. I went to the post office first, and I found out that I got a package from the US!!! My old roommate Lefteris has sent me a box of love…I’m so touched and encouraged. Thank you Lefteris again!! This will definitely keep me going no matter how hard it gets. As you can see in the picture, YES, I LOVE Japanese food!!

Japanese curry and noodle

Japanese curry and noodle


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